Thursday, September 2, 2010

Sweets-Less September For Sweets Sake

I can't believe it's September already! So much is going on!

1 month from today is the wedding! Finally! After a year and a half of planning a wedding, I'm super excited to get to see it all come together!

We also expect some changes in the near future. I'll let you know whenever we know, but for now, it's just the waiting game, knowing something is going to change, but not knowing when, where, kills me!

We have lots of road trips planned! Visiting my grandparents, going to my cousin's wedding and at the end of the month, we're DRIVING to Pennsylvania. Want to talk about a long road trip. We're doing it overnight too (atleast that's the plan for right now) so it should be some lovely pre-marriage bonding. Or the worst 17 hours of our lives. Either way. I think it'll be even harder then when I originally drove down here because I will know, in a little over a week, we'll just have to turn around and drive back to Florida.  Yuck. But we have lots of boxes, clothes and random stuff so it will be a lot cheaper and easier just to drive.

 I also thought this was a great idea of Jen's. She's doing sugar-less September! I'm thinking I could stand to have a sweets-less September and join her in her challenge!

We all know I like sugar..a little too much.

Beignets in New Orleans are NOT sugar free. I actually don't think New Orleans knows the definition of sugar free.

Fried twinkies at the mullet festival last year. I've made better decisions in my life.

So I'm not necessarily cutting out sugar completely, but just cutting back. With weddings and travels, I'm sure we'll be eating out more than usual this month, so it will be good to cut back on something and hopefully look good for the wedding! Some rules I'm setting up for myself:
  • Stevia is still ok for my coffee and some baking
  • Use sugar as a treat, not an every day event. I don't need to satisfy my sweet tooth with every craving. I want to think of it more as a special treat for a special cousin gets married, I take my grandparents out for ice cream since I don't see them very often, we've driven for 15 hours and might die...those types of things ;)
  • Say no to candy in the office!! there is a candy bowl in the waiting room of our office. Did I mention my office is pretty much IN the waiting room? Every time I leave, I walk right past the candy bowl. It's not good. I don't take a piece every time, I don't even take a piece every day, but sometimes that sugar at 3pm is just what I need to make it through until 5. That's gotta go! No more! Hello September! Goodbye Candy Bowl!
  • Every time I want sugar, try to replace it with something healthy and wholesome. Maybe use a Green Monster to satisfy my sweet tooth. Try eating a piece of fruit in the afternoon for a sugar pick-me-up and pass on the candy bowl. So I'll get more fruits and veggies, more good calories, less bad calories!
  I've given up sweets and junk food before. I know the hardest is the first few days, then you stop craving it or thinking about it as much. Hopefully I can last the entire month!

Wedding Music

One thing we're working on this week is some songs for the DJ to play at the wedding reception! I don't listen to the radio very often and my wild and crazy college days of going out every night on weekends are over, so I'm not really on top of the music scene these days! Does anyone have any suggestions? Have you been to any weddings lately and had some songs that got everyone up and dancing? Let me know! Please please please comment some ideas!! If you say the macarana, I will never talk to you again. Thanks guys!! :)


  1. I just went to a wedding at the beginning on August and toward the end of the night they played some of these songs:

    Dynamite: Taio Cruz (really got everyone to dance!)
    California Gurls: Katy Perry
    I Like It: Enrique Iglesias