Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A Look Forward

There's a lot going on with the blog, as well as in our lives lately. Things are busy as can be! Which I really like. There are times when I'm really busy that I'm stressed, grouchy, or just tired, but when it's all said and done, I'd rather be busy busy busy than bored any day.

Coming up in the coming months and things to look forward to:
  • fiance and I are perfecting the art of eating well on road trips with so much traveling this month. I'll be sure to share our tips and tricks!
  • I have discussed becoming vegetarian or vegan for awhile. Fiance thinks it's a bad idea, but I might try to go a week or 2 with no meat and see what eating habits I might have to change, balancing getting enough nutrients and see how it goes! Meat Free Week will probably be in the near future.
  • We have a wedding in less than 2 weeks, and ours in less than 4, so expect many wedding posts in the future. Great for you brides and grooms to be! And great for everyone who just likes looking at wedding pictures..or is that just me? 
  • Fall is festival time in Florida (because summer is way too hot!) expect lots of random food adventures on southern festival style
The biggest change with the blog though, is the location. Because typing - is too difficult and time consuming, I'm making it easier for everyone and moving to

Not only that, it is a wordpress blog and a new design and format thanks to Boy Meets Food! He helped me through the transition and I'm officially up and running on wordpress as of today! It might be a little shaky for awhile. I'm still getting used to the new home, but I'm hoping it will allow for things to grow and develop in the future!

Overall, lots going on. Lots to look forward to. Lots of reasons to keep coming back to the blog, but just at the new location!


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