Monday, August 2, 2010

That's the Good Stuff

Have you heard the lyrics for the song Good Stuff by Kenny Chesney? There's one line in particular
" Eating burnt suppers the whole first year,
And askin' for seconds to keep her from tearin' up.
Yeah, man, that's The Good Stuff."
 Since I have started this blog, I feel bad for fiance. He's had to go through a lot of bad recipes that I insist he finds someone to eat so it doesn't go bad.

He also has to deal with burnt dinners

Because I was too busy messing around with the sweet potato chips and let the hot dogs go just a few minutes too long.

He ate them though, I think mostly just to keep me from feeling bad that I destroyed them.

And there was corn too. He said nothing about dinner until he got to the corn. "Hey the corn's good!" Thanks babe. Really? All I can do right is corn on the cob today?

We nibbled, then put it all away in the fridge as if we'll eat more blackened hot dogs at a later date. He was so nice about it though and gave me a big hug and kiss and thanked me for cooking dinner. I think it was "you totally screwed up dinner, but because I know you'd probably burst into tears if I told you I wouldn't eat your food, I'll just invite you to go get ice cream in 20 minutes because I'm still hungry."

A run for ice cream later, all was right in the world again. We'll just forget about the burnt hot dogs until they go bad and toss them. Then it'll be like this night never happened, and I really can cook things as simple as hot dogs.

Happy Monday Everyone :)

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  1. Hehe you're so cute! I think the sweet potato crisps look amazing!! I still want to try to make them myself :)