Saturday, August 7, 2010

Summer in Florida

Happy Saturday everyone! Is anyone as excited as I am to NOT be working today??

In the summer in Florida, the weather changes pretty much every 5 minutes. This morning the weather started out great. We haven't been to the beach in a few weeks. Living 15 minutes away, I feel almost guilty when we don't get to the beach or some gulf front spot atleast once a week. So today, we thought we'd fight the heat and go.

Before we went, we stopped at the Coffee Shop for some breakfast. It's a very local diner. It's always packed, has good food but it's one of those places you see in movies from the 50s and don't think they still exist. They do in Niceville, FL. Although, I feel like 90% of this town got lost somewhere around 1970 and just stopped upgrading, but that's besides the point.

Tom's breakfast would make every health blogger cry. Here's what it was.

And here's what it looks like in person...
 with a side of grits. Because it's the South.

gag. I'll pass and go with something a little more traditional

You can't go wrong with 2 eggs, some whole wheat toast, hash browns and bacon. Plus about 3 cups of coffee. I was ready to go for the day! Let's hit the beach!
I decided to get some sun with a good book...

I love all the stories and messages in Caitlin's book!

And about 10 minutes later, I was asking fiance if we could leave. I was soooo sooo hot!!  I thought I was going to melt! The humidity was a killer too because, about 5 minutes after we left, it decided to thunderstorm. And not stop storming for about 3 hours. We laid around the house for a little bit, but now we're bored. We're venturing out to find some fun indoor activities. Possibly dinner and a movie since it looks like it's not going to clear up anytime soon.

What are you up to this weekend? Anything exciting?

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  1. My story is actually in the OB book! ;-)

    That omelet looks AWESOme. I don't know what you're talking about, but omelet with a creamy sauce and grits? My idea of heaven, haha!