Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Redecorating...fo' free!

I would LOVE to redecorate. I've never stayed anywhere for more than a year though. We've lived in this house for a little over a year now, but we have a hunch we might be leaving in the next year or so.  We are hoping our next move, when we'll be together, married, and not straight out of college broke as a joke, we can actually put some money into nice furniture and decorations. But since I can't decorate, I love it when our friends redecorate...because we take some of their old things! We got really lucky when one of fiance's coworker's wife decided to redecorate when he was away. That's totally something I would do, so look out fiance! We hadn't seen their things, but fiance knew we had been talking about getting an area rug for awhile and jumped at the opportunity! We have great hardwood floors, and not knowing what kind of flooring we'd have when we moved, we didn't want to spend money on something we might only use for a few months.

It worked out so perfect because his things look like they match our house perfectly! Their size, color, everything looks like we bought them on purpose for our room!

Excuse the slop of things everywhere, we had to shift things around a little bit to put the rug down. The puppy loves the rug! Next investments: coffee table, tv stand or some kind of nice table and maybe mount the tv. I have all kinds of ideas. I fight my urge to revamp the living room on a daily basis, even though Crate and Barrell teases me with emails every day. Why must they torture me so?

Cool lamps, not sure what we can do with them just yet.

Matching rug that is the perfect length and width for our entryway. The entry way could use some kind of table or something better to hang our coats and put our shoes in.

Some cute pictures. We're debating on putting these in the living room, dining room or bedroom. We have very little wall art and what we do have is kind of mix and match so I'm excited to have some wall art...and fo' freeee!

My favorite is a really pretty rug we decided to put in the dining room.

The other stuff I probably wouldn't have picked out for myself, but this I totally would have. It makes the dining room look a lot more formal and it goes great with the room. Next investment might be some kind of hutch or buffet, but again, that depends on what kind of space we have in our next house. So for now, I will live with a mostly empty dining room.

What's that you say? This is a food blog? Oh right, I lost focus. I'm so excited about the new stuff! It's like we went on a shopping spree! and spent $0. Everyone's dream come true right?

Dinner was quick,

Some grilled mahi mahi with grilled asparagus and mushrooms and cous cous. We put Garlic Gold on the mushrooms and asparagus. Fiance is a total Garlic Gold addict now. He took one bite of the asparagus and it looked like he had died and gone to garlic heaven. So good! Just the extra flavor it needed! Don't forget you can check out Garlic Gold and some other products here!

That's sadly all the food I have for you. I might bake later this week, we'll see how it goes.

Do you like redecorating or does it totally stress you out? Do you like our new look?

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  1. Love the finds, good for you guys. Almost as if they had you in mind when they purchased, great of them to share.