Monday, August 2, 2010

This little piggy went to market

Guess who ate the hot dogs tonight!

I'll give you one guess, and it wasn't me

Yes, THOSE hot dogs.

3 of them! What a little piggy! (It's punny, because it's pig. ha...just laugh with me folks, not at me).

But he's also had a lot of these to munch on.

You'll have to keep an eye out on Katie's blog to see more about these.

Tonight, I came home with full intentions of making jambalaya. And then I proceeded to lay on the couch, half asleep, while fiance got me subway. It was one of those nights. I felt pretty up beat at work, but as soon as I got home, all I could think about was crashing.

So now, in absolute lazy mode, I will sit around all night and wait to see who the Bachelorette chooses! Yes, my life has come to this.

You can't act like you're not curious too.

Tomorrow, work will be even worse. I still have intentions of making jambalaya. Again. We'll see if I can muster up some energy!

Ok, that's all you get on my commercial break. Talk to you all tomorrow because I will not be awake as soon as this show is over!!

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