Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Food Slump Continues

The mystery is solved. I believe my food slump is from a variety of things. First of all, it has been raining every second I am not at work for about a week now. I see sunshine out the window while I'm at work, but for some reason, when it hits 5pm, it seems to start raining. Like the weather just knows I can actually leave the building then so it must punish me. Not nice Mr. Weatherman. Second, I realized last night I am not just insanely tired or kind of blah feeling, but I am actually sick with some bug. Last night I just couldn't move. My body aches, my head throbs, my throat scratches, what a mess! I've been chugging tea in hopes of getting better. The show must go on and probably the third reason for my cooking slump is that I must go to work, I must attend this training, and I must suck up my cold, carry some tea bags in my purse for later, and sit through the last day of training. Yuck!

This morning's tea. Some Tazo Calm. yumm! I like anything with rose petals in it though. It makes me feel like I'm drinking something pretty. It's a girl thing.

Last night, I got a special delivery...

I love me some Garlic Gold!

I think I might be adding this to my shop soon! I really liked it but it wasn't what I was expected. It is a vinegar free Vinaigrette so that was interesting. I expected more of a zing from the lemon but it was very mild. Oil and garlic were the dominant flavors. I drizzled some on this salad.

Arugula, feta and walnuts. But I wanted more of a vinegar flavor so I ended up adding some balsamic. I think the Garlic Gold would be amazing cooking with so I'm excited to try it as more than just a dressing.

Have any miracle cold remedies? I'd love one right about now. Have a good Thursday everyone!

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