Saturday, July 17, 2010

Working for the Weekend

So, getting up for work this morning was a little more awful than I had anticipated. It was a bit of a rough night last night for unbloggable reasons, but I definitely did not want to go in today. But I managed to hang in there for a few hours and get it over with.

Then I came home to this...

They had pizza delivered at work but the thought of a delicious Green Monster kept me from eating pizza :)

I threw in some...
It was perfect. Just what the doctor ordered after a long Saturday of working.

In a new discovery, I've learned nut butters seem to mask the taste of maca powder. Coconut butter, peanut butter, almond butter, they all seem to do the trick. A lot of people have said how it tastes bad, which is true, but it can be masked and it has a lot of great health benefits so it's definitely worth throwing in there and adding a little nut butter to the mix. You really can't taste it at all then. I added coconut butter because I like the flavor with the fruit and banana. Very tropical.

An update on our garden:

The only survivor from leaving the herbs outside while we were gone was the basil. :( I thought they'd get watered and sunshine out there, but obviously it rains a little too much in Florida for our poor herbs.

The topsy turvey tomatoes have pretty much stopped growing. Not sure why?

and our only success story so far is the tomato plants in the flower beds that seem to be doing ok. We need to get rods or sticks or something to hold them up. No tomatoes yet though.

I don't think we should be gardeners. I don't think its our calling in life. Oh well!

Off to enjoy what is left of the day with this pretty cool guy I know ;)

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