Thursday, July 8, 2010

Wedding PLanning Extravaganza Part II

Ok, wedding is officially (sort of) done! Tuesday we met with the florist, photographer and priest, figured out hair and pre-wedding details yesterday, today was music at the church, tuxes and my first official dress fitting! If nothing else, it motivated me even more to not just try to tone up a bit, and hopefully get rid of a few pounds. The back is lace up so I can stand to lose a few inches and it'll still fit and look good. Now that I've seen it on again, for the first time in almost a year, I am very pumped to get started really focusing and setting some fitness and healthy eating goals to keep me on track until the big day!

But I'm officially wiped out on wedding things. The next few days are all about the bff's wedding on Saturday! Another brother is coming into town tonight and we'll have a full house by this weekend!

Pre-wedding planning fuel after swimming all morning. It's a hard life being home. 2 poached eggs on a multigrain English muffin and turkey bacon. You can see fiance's breakfast in the background...turkey bacon and donuts that were eaten before this picture was even taken.

Between appointments we stopped at...hold your breathe....Sheetz. I know, you're shocked.

They did not have smoothies a year ago when I left Pennsylvania. No fair! They also have burritos now that I have yet to try, but I can forsee one in my future. I got a strawberry lemonade smoothie with non-fat yogurt and fat-burner. I was kind of sad to see the nutrition facts when I got home.
 Sheetz, I love you, but so much sugar! The Strawberry mix is clearly a bad call. I might not have one again anytime soon, but it tasted good!

For dinner we're trying some of the Garlic Gold, more basketball, and let the wedding events begin!

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  1. I got a Sheetz strawberry/banana/yogurt recently too since it was the first time I saw them at the store! The sugar is high but at least no fat! Lol. John loves the burritos too by the way, but I don't think I'll be looking at those nutrition facts unless he requests me too, haha. Have fun at Erica's wedding--I can't wait to see pictures!