Sunday, July 18, 2010

To kill a vampire

You need only enter my house tonight. We get a huge thing of minced garlic at Sam's Club, to save time because we use it so much, and we've gone through 2 or 3 lately. No joke. In the fiance's put in how much garlic the recipe calls for, throw in a little more, and then a lot more, and that is almost enough garlic. So we used probably about 1/2 cup of garlic tonight in our lasagna. We like to make a HUGE Sunday meal, then freeze some, put some in containers for lunches, and eat a certain meal until we can't fathom ever eating it again. This week was lasagna.

2lbs of beef...

and 2lbs of cheese later...

We had a delicious dinner!

with homemade garlic bread: fresh french bread+smart balance+a lot of garlic+a sprinkle of mozzarella.

We had to use 5 small ziploc containers and 1 huge one to store all the leftovers. It was a little ridiculous. I'm not a huge Italian food fan so the fiance was excited about it and now he has lots of leftovers to enjoy when he wants Italian and I don't. So we're set. Off to relax and enjoy the rest of Sunday!

Do you have a freezer friendly meal you like to make a ridiculous amount of and then save for a rainy day?

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