Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Point of No Return

I was looking in the deep dark corners of the fridge last night. In doing this, I noticed a few things that were going to go bad, namely some spinach. It breaks my heart to see veggies go bad. I also saw some apple juice. It was made with splenda so I didn't really like it and I figured, it was probably the last chance for it too. If I don't drink it soon, it's probably past the point of no return. But what to do with some random apple juice and spinach? blend them all up with some ice and water and see what you get?

Result: it wasn't even worthy of a picture. It tasted awful. It needed more. It tasted like watered down appley splenda. It totally didn't mask the spinachy kind of flavor either so that bitterness lingered. It was just bad. Fiance hated me for making him try it. We ended up tossing most of it. Sad day :( But the show must go on and dinner had to be made!

We made some lemon pepper grilled cod that fell apart into a million pieces, as displayed above. My fish never looks like the fish at restaurants. Roasted green beans and my first attempt at sweet potato chips! I've had sweet potatoes before, and LOVE them. I usually eat them just baked or mashed. I think Kath? might have made sweet potato chips lately though and I've been wanting to try them ever since.

I sliced them as thin as I could. I have a fear of knives. Fiance says he will do the cutting next time because apparently I don't cut them thin enough. Then I drizzled on some honey, cinnamon and sea salt. Popped them in the oven for 20 minutes and because they were too thick, almost 20 minutes more. Finally...sweet potato chips! They were everything I hoped for and so much more! We'll be making them again soon I think!

Ok off to work now. Another busy day at the office.

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  1. I just bought a sweet potato in order to make the chips as well!! nom nom nom Emily!