Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Open For Business...SOON!

Ok everyone, the time has finally come that I can give you a heads up on something exciting that is coming to the blog!

I will be opening my own Open Sky Shop on August 10th!!

I'm very excited for this opportunity and I hope you are all excited about it too!

What this means is I will have a shop on my blog that you can buy some of the products I use and LOVE. It is MY store, so all of the products I use, know and feel comfortable giving a recommendation to all of you. There won't be anything on the shop that I don't think you should use or I don't like.

The goal of Open Sky is to make buying and selling products a more personal experience. If you've ever made a purchase with Open Sky you know what I mean. You get friendly e-mails when you make a purchase, updating you on the status of your order, and they make sure you know that if you are not completely satisfied with your product you can send it back, as well as provide feedback to the supplier so the product can hopefully be improved. I've ordered from Open Sky a few times and have never been let down.

Some of the products I've gotten from Open Sky I've already blogged about, like the Garlic Gold,

and the delicious Caftea coffee.

More on the products to come when the shop opens on AUGUST 10th! Be sure to keep checking back on the blog for updates as we get closer and closer to the opening date!

If you have any questions about Open Sky, please feel free to contact me. It's been a great experience working with them so far. You can also check out more information on being a seller or supplier. Without the support from all of my readers this wouldn't be possible either, so a big THANK YOU to everyone who reads my blog daily!


  1. Welcome to OpenSky. I am excited to see which items you choose for your shop launch.