Thursday, July 1, 2010

An Ode To Coffee

When I was in high school I never thought I would see this day. I never thought I'd be writing, for the world to see, that I love coffee. I dare say that I may be somewhat obsessed with coffee. Of all my jobs, and I've had a lot, one of my favorites was at a coffee shop. It's almost an art to make good coffee and I feel like I've mastered it.

I learned from the best. My mother drinks several pots a day without blinking an eye. She typical drinks an entire pot before I am even awake. When we would go out to eat, we always dreaded the 20 minutes after dinner because my mom had to drink her coifeee (my best attempt to spell a Brooklyn accent) and we had to sit there and wait. We all vowed to never be like her. My youngest brother, at barely 16, was drinking coffee. It clearly does NOT stunt your growth because he is 6'5" and still growing. The rest of my family and I are now all coffee addicts. It didn't happen for most of us until we were in college, but now, it is a family event to go out for coffee, on christmas morning we enjoying spiking the coffee a bit, we aren't really very nice each morning until we get our coffee.

So lately I have perfected my coffee. I put about 1/4 cup of coffee grounds to brew up some coffee. It might be a little strong for some. I love a good latte and an excuse to splurge and get one while I'm anyone? It's really the entire reason I graduated from college.

My newest endeavor was forged out of necessity...mastering the French press and cold brew.

When you make hot coffee, it is too watered down when you add ice. If you let it sit til it's cold it gets stale. In a French press, since you can leave the coffee grounds in with the water until you're ready to drink, it doesn't get that stale taste.

Well Florida is too hot for hot coffee, so I bought this beaut of a French Press and got to work. I found online that if you let the grounds sit in hot water overnight, you'll have good coffee and it'll be cooler to ice down. Which it was delicious and room temp by the morning. Then I thought, do I dare mix it with COLD water and see if it tastes the same? And it does! It is still great. Next question, can I make it straight up cafe au lait style and let the milk AND water soak up some coffee goodness over night? and that actually tasted really good too! You just have to let the coffee sit with the water or milk for about 12 hours so it takes some planning ahead.

I use a little more coffee than I do making regular hot coffee, about an extra tbsp on top of my 1/4 cup. I sit it in the fridge overnight to keep it cold. Then next morning, it's as easy as press and enjoy!

My coffee facts:
  • Favorite coffee brand: Dunkin Donuts
  • Favorite Starbucks drink: Skinny vanilla latte (iced or hot)
  • How much coffee do I really drink: I limit myself to 2 cups a day. I've been drinking coffee since college (so probably 4 or 5 years now) but I still get pretty wired after espresso or with too much coffee. So I can sleep at night, I can't drink regular after noon and try to only drink about 2 cups in the morning and then cut myself off. When pulling an all-nighter in college...multiple pots were consumed. 
  • How I like my coffee: skim milk and 1/2 tsp stevia (a whole packet is too sweet for me)
I'm starting packing tonight (finally) so it might be more about packing issues than food later, but I hope you all enjoy a nice cup of joe this morning!


  1. I am about to drink my morning iced coffee, and after reading this, I want it even more! I too became a coffee nut during college. I also come from coffee drinkers and as a child told myself I'd never drink coffee because my dad is very grumpy until the first cup is poured. I do my iced coffee by making a normal pot, allowing it to cool to room temperature, then pouring into a pitcher and refrigerating for several hours. I use this iced coffee to make coffee ice cubes, so the ice doesn't water it down. I've never tried the french press but I'd like to!

  2. Glad your favorite coffee is from dunkin donuts! I used to work there back in the day--I think dd has the best hot chocolate too followed by sheetz (powdered kind not the new make it for u kind) and starbucks is ehhhblah.

    Anyway, I don't like coffee but I LOVE the smell of it!!!

  3. haha I worked at Dunkin Donuts too, so I'm a little biased ;)