Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Nothing like old friends and pizza

I spent last night catching up with some friends I haven't seen in YEARS, Susie and Star. We went to Virginia Tech together. Since the area we live in has 2 Air Force bases very close to each other, there are a lot of my friends from Air Force ROTC stationed here, or they come here for work and training. It makes for a good excuse to see a lot of people. Here are some memories of our VT days with my bff Sara and Star.

No pictures of Susie though! I know we have pictures together, they just were probably from freshman or sophomore year...the days before facebook! shocker! Oh memories!

We went to eat at Helen Back on Okaloosa Island, which is known for their pizza.

and great spot right on the water. It was really wild last night for a Monday night since it was military night. All military get free pizza. We actually ran into a lot of other friends there too. It's a small Air Force afterall. I had 2 pieces of pizza! Whoa! Which is wild because I never ever eat pizza. Fiance came to be a party crasher and because he was dying for pizza. I never want to get it so he jumps at every opportunity he gets to have some. A few friends from work stopped by too.

It was my first time at Helen Back. The pizza was pretty good, very cheesey (sorry I don't have any pictures!) but the service was a little slow. Actually, our waitress spent most of her time at the 2 tables next to us, filled with military men. Now I don't blame a girl for flirting with the good looking guys who were probably drinking more than us, but I never like having to ask multiple times for something. The view was great though, and they had mist going to cool down the outside area in the lovely Florida summer heat, so that was nice. They also have a cat wandering around...does anyone know the story with the cat? It's a great place though to chill and catch up with friends. I like anywhere that you can sit outside with a nice view and they keep the heat bearable somehow. So it was a good night.

Being gone all evening always throws me off though. No dishes get done or floor swept so it makes for a bit of a harder morning. Especially since I had to get dinner ready this morning since fiance wanted chicken. I threw it in the crockpot so atleast tonight will be an easy dinner!

Tonight is 1.5 mile run for my 5k training plan.  I'm excited to get going, but very glad that the schedule has easy days on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Those are usually my hardest days to do a hard workout.

Only a few more weeks of summer left for people in school! Anyone have any big plans??

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