Saturday, July 31, 2010

Much Needed Weekend

I'm so happy today is finally Saturday! And I think this is the longest time I've ever gone without blogging since I started. Sorry guys!

Friday was crazy! I was busy getting out the door early and then was crazy busy at work. I'm very stressed about next week and can't wait for it to be over! Hopefully then the work madness will slow down. Hopefully. Right after work, fiance and I headed off to dinner to say goodbye to some friends. I guess it's part of the Air Force lifestyle. We've had a few friends leave and go on to their next duty station lately. It's going to start getting really bad though with most of fiance's group leaving in the next year. We'll be somewhere in there too, so at some point, we'll have to say bye to everyone here.

Last night was the first night we had to say goodbye to some of our closest friends here.

Meg is moving back home with her parents in Illinois for a few months while her husband, Dan, deploys. When he gets back, they'll be at their next duty station in Alabama, so this was their last night in Florida. I've known they were leaving for months but I didn't think it'd be so sad to say goodbye :( They were one of the first people I met in Floridea so I'm sad they won't be around anymore. I know it's not goodbye for good though. It's a small Air Force and I hope we'll be near them again sometime soon.

We got back late and I was so exhausted from work that I went straight to bed. Sorry! No food pictures, sadly. I promise it was not exciting though. I had cereal, random bites of food people brought in for their "end of the month" celebration, and minestrone soup for dinner at Olive Garden. Fiance and I nibbled on some scuffin and dark chocolate before passing out.

This morning we've already been very productive as far as our wedding goes. We went to Pensacola to go to the shop that ordered our wedding invitations, Sassafras Stationary. We loved our invitations so much, we went their to discuss programs and menus. I might put up pictures after everything has been sent out, but for now, it's still a surprise!

The best part about a Pensacola trip-they have a Dunkin Donuts there! It just opened, probably less than a year ago. I guess Dunkin Donuts stores don't do well in this area? I have no idea why. Living in Philadelphia, I had probably 4 stores within walking distance to my work, and a few more within a mile of my apartment. It was glorious!

Oh DD. How I missed you. Now insert my favorite DD things in bad lighting due to be taken in my car on our drive to the stationary store!

I adore bagels. I try to eat them sparingly, but I could be convinced to eat one every morning. And now, the really good stuff...

Only 6! From 2 different angles. Sour Cream donuts are my one true DD loves. To some extent I'm glad there isn't a DD closer, because I really can't say no. I just can't. You put a sour cream donut next to me, it will be gone in 0.3 seconds. It's not safe.

And a good DD trip is not complete without coffee!

I love you, DD. Please open a store in Fort Walton Beach or Destin. Days like today make me miss Philadelphia and State College. Did you know I worked at Dunkin Donuts my last year of college? Not only did it help me make money, but it saved me on buying food. I'd work the super early morning shifts around 5am so I'd eat breakfast at work, then usually grab something to go on my way out the door for classes in the late morning or early afternoon, so I'd be set for the day almost. While DD does have a lot of lighter options, I ate one too many bagels and munchkins, which probably contributes to at least an inch or two around my hips.

Moving on, we had a great trip to the stationary store and I feel much more ready for wedding day in 2 months! Today's plans are just to relax, go for a run, relax some more, and hang out with fiance!

Have a good Saturday everyone!!

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