Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Motivation for Success

Or just getting wedding favors done...either way.

Tonight after work was a quick stop at the gym. I mean quick because literally, it was all I could do. I have succumbed to the facts. I will try calling the doctor about my knee tomorrow. My knees hate me. Did I tell you about the story of me cracking my knee cap? Who does that? Seriously. But it's a long story, so maybe for another day.

So here's some motivation I found on youtube. Inspired by Le Tour. Oh Lance. I love you, no matter how awful you do in the tour this year. I'm hopping on the Levi bandwagon now. Just so Contador doesn't win, I'm cool. Enough tour Lance!

Post-work-out-for-babies was a Green Monster.

The green monster was so embarrassed about my "workout" it couldn't even pose. Real life, in front of a computer. No staging or special camera angles to make it look prettier than what it is.

The fix'ins: spinach, frozen strawberries, banana, strawberry whey protein, coconut butter, greek yogurt, a dabble of skim milk.

Dinner will probably be light. I'm thinking avocado and tomato sandwich. The fiance will not approve. He needs more food in his life but oh well. We shall see!

And more wedding favors. All I have to say about that is....180 to go. $)(*%!*&%#*(&!

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  1. Hahha this is the fun part of wedding planning right!? You're so cute.

    And umm Em.. that's an ORANGE MONSTAAAAA! lol. I need to go to bed. :P