Thursday, July 29, 2010

A look back and forward

I've been blogging for almost 2 months now. I've been trying to make a shift in my diet for closer to 3 months now and here are some things I've learned.
  • I've tried to make the change slowly. Not completely cutting out the foods I love, but starting to look at food differently, and for the better. I've tried diets. Lots of them. They've all been unsuccessful because at some point, I start eating the foods I missed so much on the diet! I give up carbs for a few weeks, eventually crack, eat a few carbs and gain all the weight back. Weight loss is a lifestyle change and that's what I'm hoping to do with this.
  • Greens give you more energy, clear up your skin, and help your digestion. Since increasing the amount of veggies and greens in my diet, by incorporating things like green monsters, I've noticed a huge difference!
  • I've lost about 5lbs, not that much, but I'd be lying if I told you I have completely cut all of the bad out of my diet. I still splurge sometimes when we eat out or nibble on snacks at work. I know I shouldn't. I do turn down some free lunches from work though, so I'm getting there.
  • I've been motivated to stick to my workouts. I want something to write about to everyone and if I don't do anything, what can I write! The blog had made me excited to try new things, cook more, and try recipes and workouts I might not have done in the past. It's been a blast so far!
There's still a lot I need to improve on and things I've debated
  • Living where we do, there are not a lot of health options. We have no Whole Foods or Trader Joes, organic products are only available at certain grocery stores, and restaurants have very few light options. We don't live by a major city so we don't have a lot of the perks I used to have living in Philadelphia. I've tried to buy a lot more online. It stinks on shipping but gives me the option of products that aren't available here. If we were staying here, I'd open an organic restaurant and juice bar, but sadly, we'll be moving on soon so I just need to work with what we've got. Finding good stores has been a mission of mine and I hope to find even more options.
  • When work gets stressful I shut down. I stop focusing on my diet, on my fitness, on everything. I just want to sleep. I want to be able to stick with my plan all the time, not just when I have the energy too.
  • I struggle with eating healthy when the fiance doesn't. I sneak bites of his food or I will cave when I see him eating something bad and have that too. I've even debating going vegetarian. I don't think fiance could handle that, though. How do you eat well if you live with someone who doesn't? Not to say he eats awful, but he splurges a lot more than I do, and still loses weight doing that. How is that fair??
  • I am going to cut back on calories. While I feel like what I eat is better, the amount hasn't decreased very much. I'm hoping to slowly cut back on calories down to about 1500 a day. I would estimate I eat around 2000 a day now. I have done a calorie counter before and it came up to 1800. I am going to try, hopefully in the next week, to count every calorie, measure every thing. It'll be a big experiment. Count calories the way I normally eat, then cut back portion sizes and figure out exact calories and portion sizes that I should be eating.

I have a long way to go. I'm trying hard to be patient with everything. Trying new recipes or recreating favorites in a healthier way has helped keep up the variety and keep things interesting. Although, not all my recipes have been successful. Every diet I've tried, I've given up on after I don't see results in a few weeks or in the first month or two. Even if I see results, then I think I can splurge and I go right back to square one.

 I'd love to hear your ideas of how to keep up motivation. What can I work on to make this eating plan more successful?

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  1. That's too crazy that you're from the Altoona area too! Where did you go to school at?

    And don't despair about the diet babe, everything takes time. Things will just fall into place if you keep at it. I think the best motivation for me has always been thinking about my health and not about my jean size. I also really enjoy having something to train for. Maybe sign up for a 5k so you can't back out?