Monday, July 5, 2010

Kahlua Fail

The title pretty much says it all. That's all we did. Please note, reading directions and FOLLOWING directions is key to a good alcoholic drink. Obviously, we tried to take some short cuts...and almost broke my mom's coffee maker in the process.

So let's start with the recipe shall we...

My brother got this recipe from a lady he works with. When a recipe says INSTANT COFEE, you should make it with instant coffee. These are my words of wisdom for you, dear readers. DO NOT think you can fudge it, because you don't have instant coffee, brew it with regular coffee then just strain out the grains. It doesn't work. But atleast we're creative and we do the best with what we have right? These are good qualities to have...I hope.

Moving on,

We mixed coffee grinds, figuring they had to boil in hot water for an hour, so clearly that would make coffee, with the water and sugar.

But however should we get the grains out?? After it had simmered for an hour, we removed from heat. Having a crappy little old school coffee maker, I thought pouring the water into the top would be fine, it'd just drain right through the filter. Wrong. In my mother's fancy coffee put, the grounds get stuck.

Easy fix for broken coffee maker, turn it upside down, shoot water up through where you normally put the water in, and the grains all drain out the top. Well, most of them.

But we didn't know we broke the coffee pot yet, we thought we had successfully filtered out the grains.

So we mixed...

Added the hard stuff..

And the final result....tasted like water down sugar water. :( Fail. The instant coffee would have probably helped substantially. Lesson learned, coffee maker fixed, I will never touch nice coffee makers, or any nice things, again. I promise!

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