Saturday, July 3, 2010

Home Sweet Pennsylvania

FINALLY! We made it to Pennsylvania! It's been a long day!

Tom got home yesterday afternoon, we ate a crazy dinner.

Pulled pork sandwich and potato salad. A Southern meal for our last night in the south for a bit!

This morning it was off to the airport at 4am...yuck. We ate the last of the Cranberry Yogurt Scones on our way out the door. When we got to Charlotte we split a bagel with cream cheese and FINALLY we were in Pittsburgh!

We took a quick detour to Oakmont Country Club, where Tom's family works. The Women's Open is there this week so they were crazy busy, but took enough time to show us around. We drank Arnold Palmers in our Oakmont cups and got to see around the club before the open starts on Monday.

After a pit stop at Sheetz (my favorite! gosh I've missed my Sheetz) and a salad we were finally...

back in Altoona!

See what's in the background? those are mountains people! When did I last see mountains? December? It was so great driving home in the mountains.

Love being home! And we're off again! Swimming a little then Martinsburg fair for the fireworks! There will be fried food consumed, I admit it. But it's a fair! And vacation! I'm going to try to be good, but this is a big deal. "Cove" people, you understand.

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  1. I hope you had a great weekend! I've never been in the US for the fourth of July, and it's about time that I change that!