Thursday, July 8, 2010

Garlic Gold and Panera

Last night, I got a special package from the Garlic Gold Fairy

I'm excited to try them out! Last night was pretty hectic though. I went to Boot Camp with my friends and then as soon as we were finished showering we headed out to dinner with everyone at Panera

Turkey bravo sandwich, I'm just a huge fan of the tomato basil bread they put it on, French Onion soup and an apple. Because we were too excited to use the Garlic Gold to wait, we sprinkled some of the Sea Salt Nuggets in our soups. It was so good!

Coming soon...big things and great products, maybe even including some Garlic Gold? You'll have to wait to find out! Just another month or so now until the big reveal!

After dinner we went to another basketball game

It was a different brother's game than last night and he is in a higher up division so it was a much more exciting game. A few friends came and promised to only stay through regulation and said there had better not be an over time or they were leaving. There were 3 overtimes. But finally brother bear's team won! And everyone stayed the whole game! I was losing interest at that point though, so win or lose I was happy they were finally done, long after everyone else at the park had left.

Brother shooting a foul shot. He missed. Hence all the overtimes.

It was a busy hectic fun night.


  1. What a game! Glad they could pull through! I also can't wait until you do a review or talk more about the garlic gold products! I've seen them (maybe from you talking about it??) but I really want to see if it's something I want to buy since John LOVES garlic!

  2. Tom eats garlic like candy! If a recipe calls for 1 tsp, he insists we add atleast 1 tbsp. I'm using some Garlic gold tonight so stay tuned for some updates! Possibly tomorrow night because there's more basketball action tonight!