Friday, July 2, 2010

Friday before a holiday

I work at a doctor's office. Our hours are 8-5 Monday-Friday. We don't work weekends, we're not here on holidays, at 5pm everyone is out of here (generally). So patient's usually start to think something terrible is going wrong at about 4:45pm and especialy on a Friday. On a Friday before a long weekend...well you can just forget it. Everyone thinks without the doctor being right there, they won't get through their pain for another hour, let alone til Tuesday morning.  I'm not bashing any of our patients. They're all great people, but I think it's totally a psychological thing. You think of everything that can possibly go wrong in a matter of 3 days and panic hits. Will I run out of pain meds? Will this red bump on my leg turn into something worse? Is this tiny pain I'm feeilng going to be unbearable before Tuesday? It's human nature.

For we few that are stuck in the office on Friday though, it's pure chaos. We're trying to keep everyone calm, answer everyone's questions, while trying to get our normal daily jobs done. Especially before a holiday weekend, people want to duck out early, people are gearing up for vacation (including myself), and it's hard to get everything done.

So how do you cope with office stress? Especially on really rough days, like I'm having today?

Here are some things I've been trying and I think have really been helping with the stress:

Fridays we do runs to Starbucks. That caffeine seems to keep the pressure from being too much. They also have great healthy options at Starbucks lately! Has anyone tried their oatmeal? I love it! Or their egg white and turkey bacon sandwiches on english muffins are good too! They're not just the place for overpriced coffee and fattening pastries anymore! Yumm Starbucks!

I also try to make sure I take some time out of the day to just breathe and relax. Everything will get done. I just need to be calm and doing my long list of to-do's one by one. Slowly but surely, everyone's questions will get answered.

The stress from work was a huge reason I started to do yoga. My back was hurting from sitting at the computer for so long, my head hurt all the time, I was completely wiped out every afternoon. I think this may also be a huge factor in my weight loss goals. It's hard to stick with a plan and stay focused when you're too exhausted to get in a good workout, constantly stressed, and eating bad because you're working long hours (more than the normal 8-5). I was eating what was quick and on hand, not what was good for my body.  Yoga helped me feel more energized in the morning, stretch out, and gave me atleast 20 minutes a day I could just relax and clear my head.

I've also tried some new ideas with food in hopes to keep my energy up and get in all the nutrients I need. Smoothies are very recent for me. I know. Shocking. The Green Monster came into our house only about 2 months ago. It's a fast easy way to fit in a meal, have something to drink on the run and it fills me up a lot so I avoid bad snacking on the candy dish that sits way too close to my desk at work. I heard maca powder helps with energy so I've been putting that in my smoothies. Peanut butter has been our best solution to hide the taste if the maca flavor doesn't appeal to you ;)

Put it all together and I'm a lot more calm than I was before Memorial Day holiday. It's hard to stay fit working at a 9-5 desk job. Stress from work can be too much to handle some days. Trust me, I understand. But I hope these tricks I've recently discovered help some of you!

I'm on my way to pick up a very special person from the airport!

Fiance and I after the Marine Corps Marathon in October 2008, his first marathon back after he had bone cancer and knee surgery. He's my hero :)

This might remind you of The Fitnessista's post from yesterday, but the fiance has been gone for 2 weeks now and I'm sooo excited he's finally coming home! Even if we are off again tomorrow morning ;) Atleast this trip, we'll be together.

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