Friday, July 23, 2010

Fitness for fun!

It's fitness friday! What kind of fitness are you doing??

Since I stopped insantiy I've just done what I feel like. So 30 day shred one day, insanity the next, run the next, it's been very haphazard. And I admit, I've been pretty lax about my working out the past 2 weeks or so. I hurt my knee pretty bad while I was home. One of the PAs at my job scared me into thinking it was a torn meniscus. I decided to give it another week or 2 before dealing with the hassle of getting it checked out and just resting and hoping it would feel better. And it has. Things were pretty rough last week and I was thinking I'd end up in the hospital every time I went for a walk or tried to do some sort of workout. But it's been feeling a lot better this week. I have been doing yoga and walking the dog to try to keep up some activity, I'm going to use a knee brace and try to start running again on Monday!

A little history with me and running: I ran cross country and track in high school.  My big accomplishment was running in the state championship for cross country. Ok, so I only did that because my team made it to states. But I was part of the top 7 on the team so I got to run too. I actually did terrible in that race but that's neither here nor there.

Moving on, in college I found the enjoyment in running for fun and not being stressed as much about training and speed. I liked just going for a run. I still had to do some things for speed and time but I didn't worry about it as much. I ran 5ks, 5 mile races, even a 10k or 2, but just for fun. After breaking my knee and having surgery after my junior year of college, I lost my running groove. I put on weight, lost motivation, and things haven't been the same since. The stress of post college, finding jobs, moving around a lot, hasn't really helped the situation any either.

Have you ever lost your groove? How did you get it back?

I admit, I've made this attempt several times. And it's not that I haven't been not running completely. I just only run once or twice a week now instead of daily. I even ran a 5k this past March. And I'm far from a stranger in running technique and training. I also live with a runner now.  Read this post, I like it :) You'll see why when you read it.

All great runners know of the greatness of Mr. Hal Higdon. Fiance insists he is the go-to for all running. He has some great training plans too.

So here is my plan starting on Monday:

I'm starting out pretty slow. Right now I can hardly run a mile without needing a walking break. I've been doing around 2 miles when I do run, but walking a bit, running a bit. I don't have a race to participate in yet at the end. I might just do a 5k course that I know and keep it fun. Then step up to the next plan and keep going until I'm back into running again. My ultimate goal is to run a 1/2 marathon by spring time.

The major challenges for this: It's summer in Florida...dude. HOTTTTTT. Today's heat index is 105-110 degrees. It was almost 80 degrees when I woke up this morning and 100% humidity. The humidity is actually worse in the morning. So dealing with that will be rough. I am not a Florida girl I've decided. I think things will be a lot nicer in October and November when it cools down and hopefully by then I'll be in a nice groove!

In other fitness news...fiance has decided we need to do 100 pushups. I don't know where this came from, but he's very into it. We started on Monday. Here is the program if you care to join us in this madness. I'm doing the middle column. So I did about 35 pushups on Wednesday? I did 6,8,6, 6,max with 90 second rests in between. Which is doable. . But I can't do more than 25 pushups in a row right now so to do that 3 more times, in a row, in just 7 weeks. We'll see. I'll keep you posted ;) Day 3 is tonight!

What are your fitness plans lately? Any advice to get back into the running groove in Florida heat? I'm kind of nervous to tell you the truth. :)

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