Friday, July 16, 2010

F is for Fitness...and FRIDAY!

With the movie last night, the dog thinking it was a good idea to eat a bee, losing power randomly this morning, and making wedding favors every free second with the intentions of being done with step 1 of 3 by next week, I have no pictures or fun food things to share. Fiance had Whataburger last night for dinner. I stood my ground and stuck with the salad. Our scone is completely gone (fiance loves it) and there are but a few muffins left. I'm kind of sick of the muffins though. Some foods I can eat every day for years, other foods I can only handle every once in awhile. So rather than share another boring bowl of Special K or tell you how great my new coffee maker is I thought I'd talk a bit about fitness and injuries.

Injuries for me have been a big issue my entire life. I've played sports all my life so a sprained ankle, broken fingers, knee pain...those were pretty much a daily thing in high school. Between running, basketball, volleyball, track and field, I feel like I've hurt pretty much every body part and feel like I should have become an athletic trainer because I can wrap an ankle, finger, wrist or knee like the best of them. My mom put the pins that were in my finger for my 2 finger surgeries in my senior year of high school scrapbook. That's how cool I am....or not.

 My worst injury was cracking my knee cap in 2005. I insisted it was no big deal for about a year after I broke it until the pain got too bad in 2006 and I finally had surgery.

Me in 2005 in the middle. Don't mind the heaven and hell theme picture. Sorority days. We did themes. Alot. It was fun.

and me in 2008. About 40lbs heavier. Eeek! 2005 was even after I gained the normal freshman 15.

I think my biggest issue was not always food, although food in college and beyond has not been the best. And by food, I really mean drinks. But I have not been able to work out at the same intensity for the same duration. I can't run 4 or 5 miles like I used to. My knee swells, it hurts a lot, I end up walking and just cutting things short. Then the next day it's so swollen it's hard to do another workout. I have to stagger hard work outs through out the week instead of doing them every day. I also have had to do a lot more yoga and strength workouts because they're not as hard on my joints.

I've tried swimming and biking. Both of which I love. But I don't seem to be able to spend as much time as I need to get the same kind of workout. I need to swim for atleast an hour and bike for even longer to feel like I really got a great workout in, where I could run 3 miles in 30 minutes before and be done and feel great. Working as much as I do it's hard to spend 1-2 hours a day working out, as much as I'd love to.

So what do you do that helps you get a good workout in and takes less than an hour? Anyone else have insane knee problems like I've had that have made weight an issue for you? I'd love to hear your stories and share in the misery...or hopefully help motivate each other a bit! I hate to put the blame on something like this. It is really my fault I've let things get to this point, but I'm hoping to change things around.

And in other good news, a lady at work today told me how it looks like I've lost weight! Score!! Happy Friday everyone! It's not really Friday for me though, because I have to work tomorrow :( But hopefully we'll only be working for a few hours tomorrow...HOPEFULLY.


  1. How does the elliptical feel for you knee? I get pain in my right knee but I've never actually had an "injury" per say that caused it. I still run.. but I make sure I listen to my body and know when to run. Of course I loveeee biking and I would swim more if I had access to a swimming pool more often (or if I could stop being a kid and not get ear infections!)

  2. The elliptical is actually what I do the most of these days, but I feel like I could do it for forever. I love the feeling after a run of not wanting to move another step. I just don't get that with the elliptical :-P