Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Desperate measures

I wanted to use my chia seeds again so I ventured to try overnight oats round 801098135. The last recipe was by far the best. I actually had an epiphany this morning of quite possibly the best idea ever, but I'd already gone down another path so the show must go on and the idea must wait for another day...aka tomorrow.

Today's idea...well chocolate makes everything better right? And the answer, yes it does! The idea came to me when noticing what was left of some low fat chocolate milk, a binge buy awhile ago, was going bad tomorrow. Well I certainly could not waste the chocolate milk. So while mixing up some oats, chia seeds, protein powder...well I thought it might be a good idea to throw in some chocolate milk too. Why not? It's low-fat. Good source of calcium. Tell me I've had worse ideas.

So into my bowl went the chocolate milk. This morning, I got up to be saddened that you couldn't really taste the chocolate milk all that much. So what did I do? Some walnuts for crunch and chocolate chips for good measure. Naturally.

As long as there is a bite of walnut or chocolate chip, preferably both, I'm a happy camper. I've eaten almost half of it now. That's a success in my book for the oats.

My lesson learned today: when in doubt, choc it out.

I'm off to work, taking a blueberry muffin with me for an afternoon snack and another "salad beast" in the words of the very wise, very fit Gina.

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