Sunday, July 25, 2010

Date Night

Last night was date night for me and the fiance! I love date night! We decided to do something that we rarely ever do and go to a beachy touristy spot for dinner. It was a perfect evening.

I love that this is the view we can get only a few miles away from our house.

The view from our table :) How romantic.

We don't like the touristy places because they're usually overpriced and super crowded but they always have a fun atmosphere, good seafood, and great views. You can feel like you're on vacation for a night without being far from home.

We drove down to the beach without picking a restaurant and just went into whichever beachfront place called our name. Tonight was Pompano Joe's. I hadn't been there since my mom visited last fall.

Fiance loves it...clearly.

but I wish the flash on our camera would work. Ughhh! Does anyone know a good camera repair place in the Destin, FL area?

For dinner we had crab legs! My absolute favorite!

With a side of veggies, that I was happily surprised to see they had very little butter on them, and hush puppies, because it's the south. Can you believe I never ate a hush puppie until I moved down here? I think I might have tried one at Long John Silver's or somewhere many moons ago. But until you've tried one in the south, you don't know how good hush puppies can be.

I may or may not have eaten every last leg on my plate and enjoyed every bite of it. It was a great dinner. I love any restaurant where all the seating is practically outside. Even the "indoor" seating area is just right above where we were sitting, but all the windows are open on all sides of the building so it feels very open and you have great views from every table.

After dinner we went to see Inception. It was really good! Overall, a perfect evening.

I hope everyone is enjoying their weekends! Later today...a baking fail. During a process where pretty much all you have to do is add ingredients. I'm just that talented.

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  1. We saw Inception last night too.. great!!!! I'd love to hear your take on the end (privately so we don't give anything away!)