Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Chef in the Making

I don't think I've ever cooked so much in one night. No seriously. Maybe on a weekend for a party or to make extra lunches, but never quite like this at 7pm on a Tuesday. With the fiance being home and us having no food, he tends to eat out a lot unless there are meals prepared ahead of time for quick breakfast/lunches/dinners. As we've had to experience before, when dinner is left entirely up to him, we end up with Subway.

Monday night we spent about 2 hours grocery shopping. No joke. We hit up multiple stores though to get all of our favorites for the right price. And last night, I figured I'd better do something with a few of the things we had that were going bad soon and a few of the new things we bought so fiance would have food. It saves money and helps keep us on track with eating well.

The first thing I made was not so good for you, but still a delicious quick breakfast. Anne's Scone Recipe that I tried a few weeks ago. This one turned out a little crumbly though, not sure what I did differently. But that used up the last of our Stonyfield's yogurt, for now.

Then, because I'm obviously loving Anne these days, I made another recipe she just had on our site yesterday! Scrambled Egg Muffins

And fini! She boasted easy, healthy, and delicious and she was right about all of those things! Maybe a little too much pepper...that might have been my bad though. And a little less basil. It might also be fun to add a little onion in there. I may have to experiment a little more. Fiance and I split one last night to try and you can guess what was for breakfast! Just a quick second in the microwave and breakfast of champions!

Happy Wednesday everyone :) Don't forget to check out "Something exciting is coming"! Put your e-mail address to win a prize and be notified when the exciting news is revealed! What's your favorite quick and easy breakfast?


  1. I can't wait to make something similar to that egg muffin. Of course, it'll be GF and I'm going to use less eggs and more egg whites.. guess we'll see what I come up with -- onion and garlic with def be involved for Johnny's sake.

    Anywayyy... quick/easy bfast? I feel like I'm a boring bfast person.. GF english muffin with pb&j? Corn flakes with splenda? fruit and chocolate milk? I feel like I have a favorite for 1-2 weeks and then it switches.. but the rotation stays the same lol.

  2. I thought it was a ton of eggs when I was making it but 9 eggs makes 12 muffins so less than 1 egg/muffin. I had 1 muffin and some fruit and that was a good bfast for me...Tom could have probably eaten all 12 in a sitting. Oh boys! I always make a recipe the first time as is, then experiment. I like the idea of more egg whites, less whole eggs and garlic makes everything better!