Thursday, July 15, 2010

Changing the way you see food

A big challenge for me lately has been changing how I see food. I don't eat food because of the way it makes me feel or because of the nutrition in it that my body needs. I eat food for comfort when I have a bad day, for something to do when I'm bored, or just because it tastes good, even if it does absolutely nothing for me.

The past few weeks I've really tried to eat food for the right reasons and not just to eat. I've also tried to listen to my body more for what it needs, and when it says to stop.

It's hard to do sometimes. I still see commercials on tv and really want a burger. I still want french fries or cake just because it tastes good. When really, other than the occasional festive event, there's not a lot of reason to eat those things. Before we went to Pennsylvania Tom and I got bbq and we both felt awful after eating it. Our stomachs were upset, we were tired and bums the rest of the night. It was delicious, but we've gotten used to eating lots of veggies, leaner meats, less fat and having a sudden intake of that much fat was just bad news. Lesson learned.

I had this epiphany this morning driving to work. I saw a Burger King billboard and at first I was like ooooo that looks good. Then I thought about it and was like ehh. I don't need that. I was so proud of myself for thinking that and I thought I must blog about it. Before, I would have been thinking about a burger until I got one. Now I'm just kinda eh about it. I like my spinach smoothies and salads. It's a big change from what I thought in the past.

Eating out though is still a challenge to pick the healthier option. Especially because of the lack of healthy options in the restuarants around here. We're in the south. People like bbq and fried food out the wazoo. There's an annual festival down here with a wide assortment of food, all fried.

My first brush with alligator. Fried and on a stick. It tasted like chicken. Not so good. In the plate is some sort of cheesey fried cajun dish of the fiance's.

Back to eating out...there is nothing I hate more than going to a restuarant, getting a salad that sounds good on the menu and it's nothing more than some iceberg lettuce with a few random veggies. It makes me not want to get a salad! And the fear of ordering a salad and it being bland and boring makes me rationalize getting a higher calorie and fat meal. I get so nervous about ordering something new and trying new places sometimes. Yea, I'm weird like that. 

I'm glad things are slowly changing and hopefully they continue to get better. Maybe someday I'll never crave chocolate cake again. That's doubtful.

Have you had to changed the way you see food lately? What helps you stick with the greens?


  1. Congrats on your new relationship with food, Emily!

    I haven't so much changed the way I look at food itself, but instead how I think about my body. I'm currently in nursing school, and when you're around sick people all day long, you no longer take your health for granted. Diabetes and hypertension are such raging problems in this country and lead to so many other bad things (like foot amputations and kidney failure!), and in a lot of cases can be prevented or controlled with a healthy diet and exercise. This nursing program has made me reexamine how I take care of myself, and made very real for me the repercussions of not doing so.

    That being said, I really hope that I never stop craving chocolate cake. Because it is delicious. And life is too short not to have chocolate cake once in a while.


  2. Aww thank you! I really think being in the healthcare industry makes you realize your health is a terrible thing to lose. It's really made me take a second look at my life and the role food plays in it, in a good way! Thanks for reading :)