Monday, July 12, 2010

Back to Reality

Ok so I lied. No time for another post before we came back to Florida. Or after because last night we were exhausted.

But I did manage to squeeze in one last Sheetz trip and enjoy the much anticipated Sheetz Burrito on our way to the airport.

Chicken, beans, rice, veggies, guac...what more do you need in life right?

This is a health, on the plus side, it's a little better than Chipotle, but on the down side...probably not the healthiest choice at Sheetz. In fact, it's far from it. True life, I'm a Mexican food addict. I'm pitching the idea to MTV, I'll let you know how that works out.
But it is delicious. All 639 calories of it.

After that glorious little treat we sat around in the airport for what felt like an eternity nibbling on trail mix, finally made it back to Florida around 9pm, waited for our bags for almost an hour, drove home, couldn't get into our house because our neighbor used the deadbolt lock that sticks, woke up the neighbor to get the spare key and only key that can handle the dead bolt, turned on our leaking A/C that had been off all week, sweated off about 10lbs until the house finally cooled down, PASSED OUT, woke up 6 hours later to start Monday. Woooooo. Nothing like a nice relaxing Sunday to get you ready to come back to work.

Vacation is over though. Back on track and ready to drop some pounds! Coming up this week after I catch up on life:
  • Workout schedule...a real plan. No more doing what I feel like. We're going legit.
  • Diet fixes and grocey list with the fiance at home (a bit of a challenge since he eats a bit more than I do)
But first, more on the wedding later today. And I have work, unpacking, laundry, food shopping (we have absolutely nothing right now), and cleaning waiting at my house for me. So it might be a day or 2 til I can really get organized. Don't you just love coming home from vacation?


  1. Glad you had a good time at home Emily! Are you going to share your workout schedule with us!?

  2. Of course! I'm thinking half marathon plan and Tom has a GPS heart rate crazy watch thing I've been dying for a good excuse to play with! :)