Monday, July 26, 2010

Back in Action

How is it already Monday? The weekends go too fast. Especially when you spend all Sunday failing at baking some bread. 

Breakfast this morning was more waffles. Shocker.

with Caftea S'more Iced Coffee. All you need in life :)

Lunch today I put together for picture sake then took apart again so it didn't get mushy.

Sprout and tomato on an Arnold Sandwich Thin. With some greek yogurt and banana on the side.

And we're is day 1 of my attempt to run again. And it just so happens to be a rest day. Which is good because I've got a hot date with some college friends tonight ;)


  1. why do your waffles always look better than mine? must be those fab photog skillz ;)

  2. haha thanks but I would like to give the credit to my fab waffle maker :) certainly not my camera skills with my poor broken camera! haha