Friday, June 18, 2010

Who needs an apple?

A green monster a day keeps the doctor away! Please ignore the ugly picture. A green monster isn't always pretty and my desk at work is a less than appealing color of orange...I'm not sure who decorated my office, but no one should use that much orange.

I definitely needed a pick me up this afternoon. Where do all the crazies come from? And why do they only call on Fridays? It's only a weekend, you will survive. Yes, I promise your foot will not fall off in a weekend. No, the pain in your knee is not the end of the world. ....I digress.

This bad boy had in it: 1 cup skim milk, 1 good handful of spinach, 1 scoop Amazing Grass Berry Green Superfood, 1 tsp maca powder, a handful of blueberries (can we guess what fruit is going bad at our house?) and almost an entire banana...the rest I ate as I ran out the door to work because it wouldn't fit in my handy dandy mixer cup that I can flip over the blender blade and blend in the cup. Dear Bed, Bath and Beyond, I love you.

The verdict: Does anyone else find maca powder mildly revolting? And the Berry Green Superfood is not my favorite. I probably won't buy it again. But it's got lots of good stuff in it, so we drink it almost every day. It'll be gone some day. Then we will try something new!

Lunch was Lenny's with friends. I didn't get chips or a cookie AND turned down a bite of Vicky's cookie. I should get a cookie for being so good. Maybe not.

Then what's in our loot today? The UPS guy says we get too many packages. I have no idea why he thinks a package a day for the past 2 weeks is too much. I think it's heavenly. 

Mama sent some homemade strawberry jelly. Oh happy day!

So we ate some...
On some Arnold Bread Sandwich Thins. With a little almond butter. Piece for me, piece for fiance. It's love.

In other news, our neighbors are moving and hired a lawn service who did a great job doing our yard. Too bad they didn't do the right door. But on the plus side, we don't have to mow the yard this weekend! The flower beds on the bottom right are this weekends project!

And my "diva shades" have died. They have officially cracked and I will have to find another pair. This is why I'm not allowed to have nice things.

It's the fiance's night to pick dinner. I'm not counting on getting food. He's not famous for his decisiveness.

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