Monday, June 21, 2010

Weening Yourself Off Processed Foods

I'm always on the lookout for healthy tips and tricks. Even if it's just from Yahoo! News sometimes.

One of my main plans of action for losing weight is to do it the healthy way. I was not always healthily thin. In high school I was thin, but I ate probably less than 1,000 calories a day and worked out several times a day. I needed a lot more calories than I was getting. I was thin, but I was constantly obsessing over food.  If I allowed myself a small treat, I would rationalize it by not eating anything else that entire day. If I ate at social events, I would make sure I ran a few extra miles that day. I played a sport every season, not just because I liked the sport (I only did track and field because my friends were on the team...I consider 2 miles on a track a form of punishment), but because I was scared if I wasn't doing a sport, I'd gain weight. As I went to college and then into the "real world", my activity level decreased and my calories increased.

I also opened up my taste to foods I would have never even considered in high school. I didn't use much salad dressing, I never drank soda, I didn't eat french fries or hamburgers unless hommade so I knew what was going in and on them, if I went to get fast food between activities, I'd get salads. I only got salads at subway because I didn't want to eat too much bread. My biggest high school splurge...the Veggie Wedgie-veggies and cheese wrapped up in pizza crust. I don't like pizza, but I loved this thing. I would eat half of it as my big treat, then I'd stick with veggies and water the rest of the day, if anything. Today, I'd eat the entire thing, maybe a couple wings and that would just be dinner. My diet has certainly taken a turn for the worse.

Then: (I'm the tall one on the far left)

And now:

See a difference? Besides the quality of pictures between 2003 and 2010...

It's hard to "lose taste" for the foods I've been eating lately though. I like chocolate, french fries, hamburgers, and salad dressing.  So I found this article pretty interesting, especially Step 5...

"Step 5: Give your palate time to change. While it may be tough at first to skip the afternoon candy bar or fast-food fries, you'll gradually lose your taste for excessively sweet and salty foods as your palate adapts to a variety of new flavors. And you may even find yourself opening up to new foods. "With real food's flavor overtones and textural range," the authors write, "everything leads to something else. If you like coffee, soon enough you'll like red wine or mushrooms or Chinese black bean sauce, all because you find a common, mellow earthiness among them.""
Deborah Kotz,

I guess it will take time for me to not crave those things. Slowly saying no to them and opting to eat healthier more natural foods is what I'm trying to do now. It's hard some days, easier others. I wish there was some kind of fast forward button and I could just be there and saying no already!

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