Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Today's edition of "What's New In Our Kitchen"

We have a beautiful new spice rack courtesy of Miss Rebecca :) With a darling note...
I'll see you at the shower. Can't wait! Just in case your lovely herb garden doesn't have all your seasoning needs. Enjoy! Happy cooking, you lovebirds!
Awwww :) No matter how bad work is, this was a serious cheer up! I love coming home to all this love! I seriously love getting married, and we still have 3 months to go til the big day! Shower day in toon town is Sunday! eeeeek! Erica and TLee wedding next Saturday! double eek! (Eeek is my excited squeal, please don't ask for a demonstration)

I'm not sure what to use some of these spices for, but I'm excited to find out. What is the purpose of dill weed? And crushed mint in my coffee tomorrow morning? Yes, Please!!

Now on to bigger things, but certainly not better than our delicious spice rack...
30 day shred day 2
I'm not sure how this is supposed to go. Am I supposed to do it every day? I feel like I'll get bored really quick doing it every day. And when do I know I'm ready for level 2? I can do level 1 pretty easily. I sweat, feel the burn with 5lb weights, but I'm not sure how intense level 2 is and since it's only my second day doing it, I didn't want to go too crazy. I might do level 1 again on Friday but step up to level 2 next week? Any suggestions??

and a delicious dinner!

Grilled lemon pepper cod, asparagus with a bit of garlic salt, and some leftover wheat pasta from this weekend with lots of water in one of fiance's MANY VMI nalgene bottles.He's a very proud alumna.

Fun trivia for you about our lives:
Fiance graduated from the Virginia Military Institute, I graduated from Penn State and we met at Virginia Tech. Figure out that little riddle of our lives ;) It's a serious tale of "what's meant to be will find a way."

And I'm spent. 2 more days til the weekend! Thank goodness gracious!

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