Saturday, June 19, 2010

Summer Work Out

I love the summer time, but Florida in the summer time provides some work out challenges. Namely, working out outside after 8am or before 7pm is ridiculous on most days. Luckily, I'm mostly at work between those hours so my workouts have to be either very early or very late.  On weekends when I want to sleep in a little though and don't feel like spending my evening working out, it can be hard. So fiance and I have started swimming to work out!

Love summer.

The pool is great, not usually very crowded and really big. It's an Olympic size pool with a deep end with a diving board. It has 6 lanes for laps and then big open area for swim lessons or kids to play in. It's great that you can get a workout in and not bothered by anyone.

We swam 800meters (1/2 mile). This is the 2nd time I've swam in over a year, so I wasn't trying to do any workouts, just try to get in the rhythm of swimming again. Next time I might try to do some kind of workout. But just swimming freestyle that far takes a lot out of me! Of course I saw this article and it made me pretty disappointed that swimming burns less calories! Does anyone know if that is true? I'd love to hear some info from someone who is a real swimmer or who knows a little bit more about how to make a pool workout really worth while.

I felt like it was a pretty good work out and I was starving when I was done! So we hit up Tropical Smoothie Cafe on the way to Lowe's.

I had Very Berry Green Tea  with acai, strawberries, blueberries and Matcha Green Tea and Tom had the Muscle Blaster with strawberries, banana and whey protein. Delic. My smoothie had 160 calories in it since I got it with no sugar. We won't say how much Tom's had in it with sugar. Let's just say, a few more calories than me. But Tropical Smoothie is definitely one of my favorite places to go!

Their motto: Eat better. Feel better. That's just what I'm going for! I will admit, I was pretty hungry still when we got home, so I had a piece of banana bread. Now we're off to a birthday party and doing a few more errands! I may have to have a piece of cake. We'll see if I can resist!

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