Monday, June 28, 2010

Murphy's Law

So I'm not sure if it was from Saturday's funk, the busy week, or just being a clutz, but yesterday was a random day. No blog posts or pictures because 1. my internet kept skipping out, I'm assuming from thunderstorms and 2. I broke the fiance's nice pretty camera. Sad :( I told you I can't have nice things. We do have another camera, that I took pictures with, but as all good spots of bad luck have it, I then couldn't find the computer cord to plug in the camera. So no pictures...yet. I am still on the hunt and will hopefully be back in business tonight!

A summary of my yesterday...I woke up an made some scrambled egg whites and turkey's a Fine Cooking pretty version of my breakfast.

Let's just imagine all my meals look this pretty.  At about that moment, let's also imagine a nice pretty camera tumbling to the ground. I spent the next 2 hours looking up online how to fix a camera lense, prices of new camera lenses and scouring ebay.

I then went to a beautiful baby shower for a coworker. The cake was gorgeous with strawberry filling, a cute diaper cake, pretty food served on beautiful serving dishes. I was actually quite jealous of the great style of the hostess. And the organization and lack of really awful baby shower games was a plus as well. We played a few fun games, there was no diaper smelling involved, drank blue punch and enjoyed cake. My kind of shower.

Earlier that morning I had started a turkey breast in my brand new slow cooker! I was so excited to get home and see how it tasted! It is bigger than the little baby slow cooker we had before. It actually took longer to cook than usual but I think that was because I had a little turkey in a BIG slow cooker? Any ideas?

Not my picture, I found it at All Recipes, but naturally my turkey looked like this. Ok maybe not quite, but close! I actually just saw this recipe but it's pretty much what I did with my turkey! Turkey breast+onion soup can never go wrong. Actually beef+onion soup mix or chicken+onion soup mix, all great things. I probably have atleast 3 boxes of onion soup mix packets because we use them so often. When in doubt, you can never fail with onion soup mix for meat, dips, and adding flavor to everything. Unless you don't like onions, but that's just silly.

There were a few other catostrophes including spilling milk and it splashing EVERYWHERE. No use crying over spilled milk though! Ha.

New week, we're moving on and hopefully things will get better! Hopefully I can get some real pictures up before too long!

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