Sunday, June 20, 2010

Lessons in a week

It's been almost a week since I got the crazy idea to start this blog. I've posted mostly my healthy and good eating habits. But I have failed to mention my bad habits, which are obviously more of the problem. I've tried to cut out a lot of the "bad" food this week, in trying to really start off on the right foot. That doesn't mean I have been good all the time.

I have turned down foods I normally would eat. At work we got 3 lunches: Hardees, Chik-fil-A, and a catering company in Panama City. Free food. A weakness of mine. I turned down both of the fast food choices and opted to eat my pre-made salad and leftover fish and grilled veggies. I was pretty proud of myself, because it's hard to turn down free food. I did eat the caterer's food, but mostly because it was salad, veggies (probably in more butter than I'd like, but veggies none-the-less) and lasagna. We've had this company cater a meal for lunch before and I know they prepare their food fresh and use good ingredients. It was a little better than the fast food, and honestly, they're food is amazing so it was hard to say no. I did not eat any of the desserts or cookies though! They make a mean strawberry cake. So I'm pretty proud of myself for that. Baby steps!

I also have a sweet tooth like no other...for sweets sake...get it. I'm not clever, but I try. I could eat chocolate all day, everyday. Moderation is key, but I have a hard time saying no or stopping at one bite. Tom's idea was great: we bought a bag of dark chocolate hershey kisses. So now I try to eat only 1 or 2 a day, just enough to get rid of the craving, but since they're hershey kisses, they're already packaged in small bites so that keeps me from eating, say, an entire candy bar.I'd be lying if I stuck to just 2 some days though.

My biggest fail of the a spot for iced coffee, in a busy hurry of yesterday, I got an iced latte at McDonald's. I had it with skim milk and sugar free vanilla, but they use Splenda. Totally against my not eating processed food idea. AND  I ate a mcmuffin. I know I know! EPIC fail! But I was starving, my car had just been dropped off to get some work done, we had 1098059 other things to do, we were go go go all day long yesterday! I actually feel better admitting that I ate that now. I wasn't even going to mention it because I was so disgusted. But I'm not perfect. I probably never will be. And obviously, my diet is not perfect...yet!

Here's to a good week and another good one to come!

Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there!

What are your weaknesses? Do you find it hard when you're busy to eat well? What are some tricks to stay on track while on the go?

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