Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I Love/Hate Publix

It's clearly more love than hate or else I wouldn't shop there.

Northwest Florida is not an area that is very health oriented, I'd say. I asked where one might purchase local, organic fruits and veggies or if there was a farmer's market when I first moved here. I got puzzled looks back. So it's not easy finding good veggies. I'd even take not spoiled veggies without flies on them, but even that can be a challenge. It takes multiple grocery stores and much shopping sometimes. The small town we live in has several grocery stores and only 1 I'd go to and actually know for sure I could get some decent produce. Sad.

But not Publix. They have AMAZING fruits and veggies year round. An incredible selection of organic and health food options. It's a healthy girl's dream come true. If only it weren't so expensive...hence the hate. It's also not exactly around the corner from us. It's a bit of a drive out of the way. But, once again, because the love outweighs the hate so substantially, I make a trip there from time to time.

We've been trying to eat ourselves out of house and home and been quite successful, but we have a few more meals to get through til our Pennsylvania trip so I made a Publix run in search of some good veggies for salads and dinners.


Please ignore the crummy photography.Breaking the camera lens has really put a damper on things. I'm working on it. Slowly but surely.

The necessities:

I'm trying here people. Don't hate on me for bad pictures. I promise it'll be fixed in a few more days (hopefully).

  • Avacados

  • and a little snackage of yogurt pretzels and dried cranberries.

Overall, a fun trip. Great food. No question about whether my favorites would be there or be bad. And lots of selection for trying new things! :)

There was no question of love about this pretty little thing though.

Aunt Jean just jumped to the top of the favorite family member list with this! Thanks Aunt Jean! So excited to use it! My bridal shower is on Sunday! I'm getting really excited!!

And now it's time to have some QT with my yoga mat. Have a good evening everyone!

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