Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I broke down

I did it. I completely broke down. I not only had 1 bite but 2! delicious bites of a Sugar Mill Sweets Rocky Road Brownie. But they looked sooo good! And I was having an absolutely miserable day at work. I couldn't say no.

Free food, especially tastey chocolatey brownies from one of the best bakeries around, is my absolute weakness. I stayed strong through lunch eating a salad from Panera Bread and even giving my baguette to a preggo coworker so I wouldn't eat it, but as soon as I saw the brownies, it was just over. Epic Fail. I am now going to go run/walk the dog a few miles and try to 1. work off a few of those calories and 2. try to destress from a terrible, awful, no good, very bad day. Let's hope tomorrow is a little better.

What can you not say no to? Have you ever completely broke down and completely forgot all of your healthy eating ways for something? This brownie was totally worth every bite, for the record.

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  1. My biggest problem is when I'm bad, I'm not just bad for a meal. It turns into a bad day, weekend, week, etc. I try to remind myself you can't take back what you already ate so stop beating yourself up and just do better the next day! Gum helps me when I'm tempted, it keeps my mouth busy and it's a little extra accountability that I have to take it out to indulge. But...sweets are definitely my diet-breakers also (chocolate, chocolate, chocolate).