Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Guest Post from Katie Healthy Heddleston

Today is super exciting because we have a guest blog post from Katie Heddleston. Katie is an RD from Ohio and has a great blog sharing her recipes, tips, and healthy eating habits. She also has some great Gluten Free recipes! Her Around the World series is a lot of fun, you can travel and eat around the world without leaving your home. Today she's sharing one of her Around the World posts, so without further adiue...


Fresh Cheese at Market

"Well, in France their whole way of living is much healthier. First, people walk more. There isn't a dependence on cars like there is in the US. So that, first, is healthier. Second, there are a lot of open markets, and one in particular was great. It was a bio market, where all of the food was made from organic type materials. It was expensive, but everything was so, so good. There were all kinds of fresh cheeses, fresh fruits and vegetables, and then meat, fish, and chickens were sold right then and there. They also had some amazing baked goods. They had it every Saturday morning and it was right down the street [from me]! That is what is great about France - they're always doing 'bio' things and trying to find different ways to be healthy. We could learn a lot from this, but unfortunately it seems to be taking a long time. That, I would say, was my healthiest experience in France!" ~Chelsea B.-M. while studying abroad in Montpellier, France

In France "I had a lot of fresh foods: fruit and bread from open air markets, a vegetable quiche, and a lot of non processed foods." ~Sara H.

I also have had the opportunity to visit France twice. Like Chelsea mentioned, you walk so much more in France. My mom and I were both able to enjoy traditional foods without gaining any weight during our visit - we credit this to how physically activity we were every day. Here are two pictures of traditional French foods: quiche and a cheese filled baguette on fresh bread, of course.


Cheese filled Baguette

A big thank you to this week's contributors: Chelsea B.-M. and Sara H!
Have you ever been to France? What were your experiences with French food and culture?

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  2. Thanks for featuring me on your blog Emily. This is a great site you have going and I look forward to being a loyal follower for a long time!

    If your followers would like to get involved in the Around the World series, please find out here: http://www.katieheddleston.com/?p=808. And please view the disclaimer while you are there; the series is for entertainment purposes only. The series is published every Friday until I run out of submissions.