Thursday, June 24, 2010

Diet Comfort Foods

Do you have those comfort foods when you're on a diet? You know they taste good, you know you like them, you know the exact number of calories, fat and fiber in them? Example number 1:

My go to lunch. When in doubt. Fruit, PB&J on Arnold Sandwich thin and a yogurt do the trick. I know exactly what I'm getting myself into. There are foods I can tell you calories, fat, how many Weight Watchers points they are and even how full they will make me on a typical day.

So with all of this knowledge why does it always fail? Probably because I get bored and tired of these comfort foods, and then decide to binge. I have my comfort lunch packed but then a rep brings in lunch and suddenly I'm scarfing down a big plate of Mexican food.

So what I'm doing this time...I'm obsessed with health blogs and have been trying all kinds of new recipes! Some of them even give you all the nutritional information so my somewhat calorie obsessed ways are satisfied. And they tell you portion size or some recipes are just made for 1 or 2 portions, which is perfect. If I make a huge plate of lasagna, chances are, I will eat more than just the correct small piece portion size. But new recipes have kept me going! So don't be scared to break out of your safe comfort zone and try new foods ESPECIALLY if you're trying to "diet". I don't like to think that I am on a diet right now and depriving myself, I just like to think I'm trying harder to eat more natural and healthy choices. 

Do you have comfort foods when you're trying to lose a few pounds? Where do you find new things to keep you motivated?


  1. Light string cheese is a go-to for me, because I love cheese and it's usually one point (the Weight Watchers kind definitely is, but that's expensive so lately I've been buying the light Frigo cheese-head), and it takes awhile to eat if I string it properly haha. I've also sliced it into small circles and used in recipes so I still get some cheese but for only 1 point. As I've conditioned myself to crave something sweet after dinner, Tootsie Pops are another 1 point stand-by. (Especially since I've discovered the grocery store has them in the scoop-by-the-pound section, so I can just buy the orange and chocolate- my favorites!)

  2. oh weight watchers. I used to not eat something if I didn't know the points it was. But I also ate things with less nutrients simply because i knew they were low points. I'm trying to eat more nutritous now and not stress about points or calories TOO much