Sunday, June 20, 2010

Best Green Beans Ever?

Possibly! Today was a random food day. We were busy...again. I had a piece of banana bread for breakfast, as if we had an option about breakfast ;) For lunch we were doing yard work, so we just chugged some water. I put a scoop of the Berry Green Superfood in the water. It tasted awful, so I added a crystal light and besides being a little grainy at the bottom, it actually tasted pretty good! More yard work, more banana bread, and before we knew it, it was dinner time! It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon for some grilling.

We are corn on the cob feens. I could eat it every day.
I love the corn cob nobs from Pampered chef. You put them in before you cook so it's easy to eat and not hot or hard to put them in!
What a colorful dinner. The green beans were the best. I boiled them for just a few minutes with some lemon juice and sea salt. Then I took them off, put them in a grill basket with a little olive oil, sea salt and lemon pepper seasoning, tossed them on the grill for another 5 minutes and they were delic! A little crunchy, a little citrus. Perfect for the summer time!

And what better to grill on a beautiful day then some steaks! I know, I know, red meat has a bad rep. We eat red meat MAYBE once every other week. We stick mostly with chicken and seafood if we have meat at all. But it was a special sunday so we grilled up those bad boys.

What a perfect dinner for two :)


and end scene....
Now time to relax and hang out with fiance for awhile!

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